Billy & Rudilee Gabel


Our Story

In 2012, Rudilee and I were in a hamster wheel of life. She was a Mathematics professor for multiple universities online. I was in the middle of earning my MBA, teaching full-time at a local high school, and a head wrestling coach. In the midst of our busy careers we were raising two kids with a third on the way. It seemed like each year we were working harder to make more money, yet were trading time with money. We were looking for a way to balance both worlds.

PURE was introduced to us in October 2012. I immediately saw similarities with coaching, one in particular was how to build leaders on top of leaders. We saw the timing of the company and a way to use this vehicle to restore hope and put us on a path to our financial freedom. We came in at the 1500 pack and started following the proven system for success. In just over two years we hit the level Blue Diamond Executive and were able to help hundreds of people create a residual income.

More than the money, it has allowed us to start our day with big dreams for our future…to visualize a life without the stress of money and poor health. It has allowed us to give our family and now four children the life we want to create on our terms. Most adults are either too scared to dream big or have forgotten hot to dream. This is and has been an opportunity to help others realize dreaming big can be a reality. Our leadership is the best, this company is focused on being a billion-dollar brand by 2020, this is the answer!