Brandon & Judy Stevens


Our Story

Prior to Pure, Brandon and Judy ran traditional brick and mortar businesses. They soon came to realize that the business was running them dry of time freedom with their three beautiful children. They knew if they wanted things change they needed to change.

That’s when they were introduced to the world of network marketing that forever changed their lives. They have been blessed with amazing mentors that had given them the tips to success. They put their head down and went to work around the clock. Not letting the negative naysayers get in their way. They have built a highly recognized successful organization.

They started taking PURE products and saw tremendous change in their overall health. They truly believe when you love a product that changes your life, that its an obligation to share it to all the people you know.

With great products, there must be great owners behind it all. Brandon and Judy knew that they had to be in business with the best of the best. From the corporate staff and members to the production line, PURE had it all.

Brandon and Judy went full throttle into the business and successfully hit the position of Black Diamond in 6 days.