Brian & Michelle Jones


Our Story

Occupation: Retired Sgt. Major / Chief Executive Officer/Former Army Captain/Executive Vice President

Brian is a retired Sergeant Major who retired after 21 years of service. He spent several years in Special Operations Command and experienced a lot of combat. Michelle spent 13.5 years in the Army, enlisted for 5 years in Military Intelligence and the remainder as an officer in the Transportation Corps. She also had combat time as the Company Commander of a truck company in Iraq for over a year. Currently, Brian and Michelle own a 1200-acre special operations training facility in the Florida Everglades. They were introduced to PURE in June 2017. As veterans, they both suffered from mental and physical challenges and several health issues.

Brian and Michelle bought the 1500 pack and within a few days of flooding their bodies they were feeling better than they had in many years. They were both no longer suffering from joint pain, had increased energy, were finally sleeping through the night and experienced better moods. Brian and Michelle both lost 10 pounds in the first month. Excited by the results they experienced, they quickly started reaching out to our military and civilian family and are on a mission to help as many people as possible get their health back!

As business owners, they also believe in creating additional streams of income. They immediately saw the benefits of the PURE compensation plan and business model and made it to Gold their first week. They earned a cruise to the Bahamas, an iWatch, and over 400 Pre-IPO Shares in their first 90 days.