Colt & Ginger Johnson

Blue Diamond – Oklahoma

Martial Arts Instructors/Gym Owners

Our Story

The nutrition available through PURE is amazing. Anyone who gets the nutrition in their body will feel a difference in a very short period of time. What got me excited about this company though, was the business model. I saw a way to work as hard as I wanted with the ability to earn as much income as I wanted. That was exciting to me.

Our first 2 years in the business we earned just over $100k working this in our spare time. The third year we cleared well over $100k in a single year. We have been blessed to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars with the company. The greatest thing this company has given us is time freedom. Because of this company, my wife is able to stay home full time with the kids. My 2 youngest have no idea what day care is, because mom and dad get to raise them full time.

Since we build this part time in our spare time, I’m able to pursue my passion of federal law enforcement while still working with and helping my teams grow their businesses. We’re so thankful we were introduced to this company and this industry.