Chris & Julie Dinkler


Our Story

Occupations: Technology Executive in Oil and Gas / COO Dinkler Home

We are Chris and Julie Dinkler. We live in Fulshear, TX and have 4 children, 2 of which are still at home. It was March of 2016 when my sister introduced me to PURE. I immediately saw the health benefits and Chris immediately saw the incredible business opportunity for our family and the ability to create a 2nd stream of income. It was on that call we met our incredible upline and leadership, Jasmine Strecker, Amy and Shawn Summers.

I understood the philosophy of PURE… Cleanse, Balance and Build and very quickly began to see change on my body once I began to flood my system. Several years of health problems seemed to go away within weeks for both me and my husband.

Financially, I stay at home and my husband is a corporate executive with a technology company in oil and gas. Chris saw the business big right from the beginning. We jumped in with a Be fulfilled 1500 PV Pack and began sharing it right away and have not looked back!

Our first week in the business we earned $960, hit Sapphire in the first 5 weeks and are now Ruby Executives. Our largest weekly check has been just under $8,000. We have also been very fortunate to max out the Pure-Start Program, earned an iWatch, all expense paid trip to Jeju, Korea and a cruise to the Bahamas.

We continue to just focus on getting out, share PURE’s message, serve our team and help others do the same! PURE!