Chris & Leslie Forester

Chairman – Missouri

Realtors/Traditional Business Owners

Our Story

Six years ago, we were living on the hamster wheel of life.  We were working harder and harder every year to end up in the exact same spot financially.  Our kids were young and we had zero family time.  When we saw the timing of this company, the fact is was debt free, and how awesome the compensation plan was, we saw a solution to get true residual income we could build on a part time basis that would get us the time freedom we so desperately wanted.

We got in on a 1500 point order and started sharing with our friends and family immediately.  We were all getting incredible product results right away. I lost over 30 lbs and I have more energy now than I had as a teenager.  Chris’ joint pain went away and he started sleeping through the night.  Within 90 days, Chris’ dad was able to get off his Crohn’s  medications and had normal blood panels which he hadn’t seen since the early 1980’s.

After continually sharing, we looked up 18 months later to find ourselves projected to make six figures within the next 12 months.  Now five years later have seen weekly paychecks exceeding $23,000 and we feel incredibly blessed to be working with some of the most amazing people on earth.   Our team is full of people who are servant leaders that are not only our business partners, but more importantly, our friends.  Together we are on a mission to bring this message of PURE to the masses across the world.

There is nothing special about us, we are just truly blessed to be here today on the ground floor of a dynamic company.  This opportunity levels the playing field. It doesn’t matter how many degrees you have, how much or little success you have had in the past, or where you live, everyone has the ability to succeed here.