Cody & Whitney Krupala


Our Story

My husband Cody and I live in the Midlothian, Texas area with our three beautiful children, Heston, Emerson, and Ellison. I am a Registered Nurse by trade and my husband is an engineer…we see ourselves as an average, middle-class family living in suburban America.

In September of 2017, my friend Kimberly Wiemers messaged me about a new opportunity that she thought I might be interested in. My initial response to her was “this can’t be legit”; however, I committed to watch the video she sent. I was immediately intrigued. Little did she know, my husband Cody and I had been praying for a way to increase our monthly income without having to sacrifice anymore time away from each other.

It has always been our dream to build a life that is not centered on the nine-to-five corporate America model. We own two successful businesses, a private-duty homecare company and a children’s consignment event; however, we couldn’t shake the feeling that The Lord had something else he was preparing for us. It is our belief that He sent the PURE opportunity our way to allow us to earn extra income while serving others!

In just three weeks, we reached the rank of Diamond and earned almost $20,000. We’ve paid off debt and have started working on our “Vision Board” to plan for how we will utilize our extra income. Perhaps the most exciting thing about being a part of PURE is seeing how this company is changing the lives of so many others…including many of our friends and family! We have been aligned with leaders who are encouraging, selfless, and motivated to see others succeed. Even if we never earn another dime from PURE, we’ve gained enough simply from being a part of this incredible movement. We are thankful to have a team that has trusted us as their leaders and we hope to rejoice in their success for many years to come!

Never grow weary of helping others. You will be rewarded when the time is right if you don’t give up. (Galatians 6:9)