Denny & Cindy Bonewitz


Our Story

It’s a pleasure to be able to share the story of how PUR has changed our lives in a multi-dimensional way.  My name is Denny Bonewitz and was an NCAA strength and conditioning coach, my wife Cindy is in corporate America and we own and operate a sports fitness facility.  Needless to say, fitness and nutrition have always been a passion of mine. I have continually searched for quality supplements to enhance an athlete’s development.  That search ended when I was introduced to the PURE Sports (GPS) line.

Given the stringent requirements, regulations and testing surrounding performance enhancing supplements in the business of athletics, it was essential to recommend and provide products that were compliant yet produced actual results.  From GPS E2 to GPS MOOMIYO EDGE, I am able to provide athletes from all sports and skill levels a complete line of products with a level of purity and quality unmatched in the industry.

With the foundation of trust and reliability I had with the GPS line, it was a natural progression for me to begin exploring the other PURE products.  It has been amazing to witness the transformations, both physical and mental, that come from combining the core products with the GPS line.  The many amazing product stories we’ve witnessed and experienced in our own lives could fill a book!

Equally as amazing has been the transformation of our financial health.  Through simply sharing the products and the stories of their amazing results with our family and friends, we have watched in delighted astonishment as our worries over economic downturns, seasonal business lulls and corporate America layoffs have become non-factors in our personal economy.

Blessed and grateful does not begin to describe how we feel about being introduced to PURE.  The amount of support, encouragement and leadership we’ve received from the company is a testament to the fact that at PURE, unlike most businesses, we truly are a family.

We are doubly blessed to be surrounded by people for whom honesty, integrity and a passion for helping others is second nature.  From the leadership and support staff at our corporate offices to the folks on our team, this company is attracting quality people from all walks of life with whom it is a privilege to share our journey.