Doug & Janelle Holen


Our Story

Vision Statement:

Time and financial independence for ourselves and our children in a very unpredictable world. To pay it forward by helping other families do the same.

Biggest Obstacle:

Balancing two business and pushing through fear of sharing what we have with others. We now know there are so many more people we need to reach out to and are very confident in sharing this opportunity.

Life changing testimony:

Doug no longer takes cholesterol and blood pressure medication. We are both back to high school weight now for 3 years. Our sons no longer suffer from allergies.

Family blessed business:

After Janelle lost her job after 24 years, P.U.R.E. has replaced her income in 3 short years. Our largest check for one week has been $2,900. P.U.R.E. has blessed us with residual income which will allow us to retire in the next 2 years and help us leave an amazing legacy for our children and future generations.

Most rewarding aspect:

Seeing so many people achieve better health and reaching their financial goals. The lifetime friendships we have made and the future lives we will be able to share this opportunity.