Dwayne & Pam McLemore



We are traditional business owners and Pam is a school teacher as well. When our friend Larry Crimm showed us PURE, we saw an answer to two things we were praying for in our lives. One thing we saw was a way to build a residual income and create a retirement for our future. We saw a way to make an incredible income that didn’t require only our efforts to get it. Most importantly to us, we saw an answer to a major health issue for our daughter who had been dealing with severe anxiety for the past 12 years. We signed up on a 1500 point order.

There are truly no words to say what a blessing PURE has been to our lives! We are building that residual income by helping many other people find better health and finances. From a health stand point, our daughter completely changed in only 6 weeks. Pam and I both came off medications and have more energy and better health than we have had in years.

PURE has become more than a business for us. It has become a mission and ministry to help to help so many people looking for answers for health, for hope, and to have the ability to dream again no matter what life may look like today. There are struggles and sacrifices in PURE like most things in life, but there is nothing that rewards those efforts in a greater way. In my 50s, I have bigger dreams that I had as a teenager. The relationships we are building with positive, like-minded people make us better people and we want to share this tremendous blessing with as many people as possible.