Ed & Lucretia Valle


Our Story

The story of PURE and its products is too potent and practical to stay a secret. PURE will grow to become a multi billion-dollar company, and we want our piece of that action! Our part time involvement of promoting PURE developed into a 2nd stream of income; we achieved the rank of Blue Diamond. We are building a legacy to help thousands of people. These products and income are indeed life changing! Regardless of your personality, lifestyle choice, or cultural/ ethnic background, you can build your dreams with PURE. The synergy created from the combination of what the company provides (great products and business tools) and your consistent and strong work ethic will produce results! I encourage you to look into people’s eyes and say with confidence: “I bring you great hope”.

One more piece of good news: there is no need to do this alone. Your business will be built on the strength of a united team. There are leaders in PURE who have a vested interest in your success. Let them teach, coach, and mentor you, and your business will grow much faster. After all, it’s about People United Reaching Everyone!