Hans & Roseanna Baker

Chairman – Missouri

Our Story

We said YES to PURE in 2010 and we are so glad we did. At the time, we had a construction business that was up and down with the economy. When we saw the presentation, we got excited and thought this could be the answer to our prayers. So we came in on a pack and started sharing right away. It made sense to friends and family also, and our business started to grow. After one year of consistent effort in helping others, we earned right at $100,000. This was life-changing for us. When we replaced our income, we closed our construction business and went full-time. To date we have earned well over $2 million, and better yet, helped many others have success for their families and make their dreams come true.

It has been our dream to take our family on amazing and memorable vacations, as well as just spend more time together and be a blessing to others. When we had our construction business, there was no time or extra money. The beauty of this kind of business, is when you get started and consistently commit to helping others, residual income is created. Many people want that and this is the vehicle that makes it attainable.

Thankfully, PURE address two key areas of life, health and finances. We needed both for our family and knew others did too. PURE is the solution people are looking for.