Jesse & Amber Burnett


Our Story

Where you were before GP: Struggling month to month, hoping for a better life.

What you saw in GP/Who introduced you: We saw an opportunity to change our lives financially forever, to get me out of the car business, and spend more time with family. My brother Jared, and my parents, JR and Vickie Burnett introduced us to this business.

What you did to take action: We went and spoke to every person that we knew about this amazing opportunity, and took MIA-MASSIVE IMMEDIATE ACTION. Followed the proven system my brother taught me, and succeeded!

Where are you now: We are currently ranked Blue Diamond in the company, and our income is growing quickly! Our highest check so far has been $4914.64 for one week! Best of all, I was able to quit the car business, PERMANENTLY!

Where are you going: We are going all the way with this! There is no limit to our financial opportunity and now there is a way for me and my spouse to work together as a team to achieve our financial dreams! Our children and our family have been blessed by the products and by the business opportunity! We will always be thankful for PURE!