Jarad & Loren Richards

Lexington, TX

Our Story

I could have never imagined when we started back in June that we would be where we are today. We were so skeptic in the beginning and my husband, Jarad, and I actually both were only convinced to start a Pure business because our dear friend Jennifer Sutherland assured us she would help us get started and at least get our initial investment back. She did that – in 10 days. After that, we had all the confidence in the world to talk and share to everyone. It truly is a blessing we are sharing. We truly believe that this opportunity is a gift and that it is our job to share it with others so that it may change their lives as it has changed ours.

Nobody is too busy to do this business. Currently I am general contracting our own new house, I’m flipping an investment property in which I do much of the work myself, have 2 young kids, my husband works 80 hours a week or more during football season, and we still were able to build an awesome team. Of course it helps when you have leadership above you helping every step of the way. Lindsay Scheel and Fred and Kelly Johnson – thank you all SO MUCH. I hope we are as much of a help to the team we are building as you were to us.

As of today, we are right at $50k since June. This is far past what our expectations ever were, and we only expect that number to climb. Originally, we hoped to make a few hundred dollars each month. To be making a few extra THOUSAND each week is hard to believe, but its real. Our lives have been changed thanks to the Pure opportunity. To think we were so skeptical in the beginning seems funny now.

We love the products … everyone needs these products … they may just not know it yet. Whether we make another penny with this company, my family will take these products from now on. My favorite product is the Energy. My husband, who coaches and works crazy hours, loves the super fruits, Sulfur, and Mila. Our daughter takes the Goyin and Mila as well. She asks for the Goyin daily.