Jeff & Belinda Burnett


Our Story

5 years ago we made the decision to build multiple streams of income for our family.  We knew the power of this business model because our family was succeeding at a very high level.  We chose to make the move from just “product consumers” to “business builders.”

We focused on duplication and serving families.  We partnered with some of our closest friends, business relationships, and even made brand new friendships. 

We love that families can succeed in this business part-time.  We call it the Power of Part-Time.  Anyone can build this business part-time, even the busiest families like ours!  We have 3 kids and own a traditional business so we know busy!

We are a lifetime 7-figure income earner in PURE and all we’ve done is build this business one person and one family at a time. 

We love the products and we love this business!