Jeff & Dana Yeagley


Our Story

When we looked at PURE in February of 2012, Jeff was working 50-60 hours a week in corporate America. We also owned a martial arts school, and were foster parents with 7 kids in the house. We were extremely busy people. We were also extremely frustrated people.  Jeff was working 50 to 60 hours a week and was exhausted by the time he got home. We were basically living paycheck to paycheck with very little extra to have any “fun.”

When we saw the presentation, we saw hope and an answer to our prayers for change. Change in our finances but also in the family’s health. Not knowing how to get started we asked questions, listened and followed the leaders who were making money. We were committed to this change and ordered the 1500 package and never looked back.

In the first two months, we both lost weight without changing our diet, Jeff’s cholesterol went down 20 points, chronic back and joint pain he’d had for over twenty years was gone. Our energy was amazing and our daughter got off all of her allergy medications. We truly didn’t know how bad we felt until we felt good again.

We hit the ground running, sharing our results with friends who were in the same place we were. The first week the company sent us a check for $555. After three months of only working the business 4-5 hours/week, we were averaging $1000 per month, and at seven months it was $1000 a week. In our eighth month the company sent us on an all-expense paid cruise to the Bahamas. We are now Diamonds in the company. Our life looks night and day different from just a few years ago. Our family’s health has done a complete turnaround, and our financial situation has improved tremendously. Most importantly, we are changing the future for our family. Our kids /grandkids will not have to live with medications and their side effects. They understand their health is determined by choices. They know more about their health and body now than we did as adults.

We are creating a new generation of informed people who have the knowledge about how food can change your life either for the better or worse. We are building a financial legacy for that generation and generations to come. We are so excited about where this road of Pure is going to take us!