John & Rochelle Buckner


Our Story

We are Rochelle and Bucky Buckner from Springfield, MO.  We were first introduced to Pure about 4 years ago by our very dear friends that we respect and trust, Fred and Kelly Johnson.  Bucky is a Board Certified General Surgeon, specializing in breast cancer surgery, in private practice for 24 years and a Retired Colonel in the US Army with 28 years of service.  Rochelle is a retired Radiation Therapy Technologist.  We have 3 kids and 5 grandkids.

We have to admit that despite feeling healthy in many ways, we knew there was room for improvement.  The products made sense and the business was something that we saw as a way to help some family members earn additional money.  In particular my son in law, Trent Freeman, was working at a trucking company – a stable job but not what he wanted or needed.   Pure has allowed him to fulfill his entrepreneurial spirit, become independent and enjoy his young family.

Like almost everyone I know, when taking the products correctly and consistently, we saw great health benefits.  That would be enough to make it all worth while, but in addition, we are now seeing a residual income of between $1000-1500/week, have hit the Diamond level and if I retired today, what Pure pays me would beat my retirement plan that I have been contributing to for over 20 years.  This is a phenomenal business testimony given that we have worked this very part time and yet, have consistently made well over $50,000/year, beating the average income for all workers in the US.

Bucky has had the opportunity to join the company at the corporate level as the Chairman of the Wellness Advisory Board, bringing more value to our IBO’s and having a chance to see the heart of those in the corporate office.  We can tell you they are every bit as dedicated to the success of Pure as the leaders you see on stage and are genuinely dedicated to keeping the company “Pure” in all ways – on the product side and the business side.  We are blessed beyond belief to have been able to partner with the people of Pure and couldn’t be more excited about where our business and this company is going!