James & Peggy Jo Pauls


Former Commercial-Stock Photographer/Former Real Estate Agent

Our Story

What is your vision statement?
Get our debt behind us and our dreams ahead of us! Becoming debt-free while giving more time and resources to our church, building orphanages, helping relief organizations and taking our grown children and their families on yearly vacations & missions trips.

What was the biggest obstacle you had to overcome?
Feeling like we didn’t have time to add anything to our schedules when we started in October of 2010. Our team grew as we committed just a few hours a week to plug into the system and followed successful leadership. We began to receive checks every week, and we were able to make more time to work the business, and even allow us both to retire from our traditional careers.

How have the products changed your lives or the lives of your family?
We have both become more fit, experienced significant weight loss and we are working out consistently! Our desire for sweets and coffee are gone. We have more energy and feel 20 years younger and we have greater mental focus and clarity.

How has the business side of PURE blessed your family?
It has given us the ability to work toward debt freedom, experience increased income, and we love helping others do the same! Our largest weekly check to date is $6300 and our biggest monthly income is over $22,000. We moved from Missouri to Colorado in 2015 with a six figure income and the continued ability to focus on growing our PURE Team in other parts of the country.
What has been the most rewarding aspect of being a part of PURE?
The ability to live our dreams, making new and lasting friendships while helping other families be able to dream again and improve their lives and future.

“Weight loss results may vary based on individual users. PURE products are designed to be used in conjunction with a sensible diet and regular exercise. These results are not necessarily typical or average, nor do they represent a guarantee of your personal results. All earnings are based on the sale of products and depend largely on your efforts, abilities, and the market available to you. For detailed information on the Rewards Plan and IBO income averages, please visit the Opportunity section of the PURE website at http://www.livepure.com/rewards-compensation.”