JR & Vickie Burnett


Our Story

Several years ago, J.R. was a varsity basketball coach and teacher, and I was an elementary special education teacher. We also owned a farm in New Mexico that had incurred tremendous debt over the years. Our son, Jared, introduced us to the idea of having a business we could work part-time from home. I had been praying for something else to do because I knew I didn’t have it in me to teach until retirement, and was already at the burnout stage, so was very interested. We never imagined that a business like this could replace not only my income, but J.R.’s as well, after only a year of working exclusively part-time.

J.R. and I always knew that if we could find a company like PURE, it could potentially be a “perfect storm.” With its pure natural products, a compensation plan that is more than generous, and leadership that has a very successful track record, that is exactly what it has turned out to be over the last few years. Our son, Jared, and a few others mentored and trained us in how to build this business. The result? Both J.R. and I left our teaching and coaching jobs, and now work together full time helping people build another stream of income. We also are helping them with their health along the way.

J.R. and I have had the opportunity to help several hundred people earn from $20,000 to over six figure incomes a year and have helped several thousand people earn between $3,000 to $10,000 a year part-time income. That is the true mark of success. Not only earning great income ourselves, but duplicating what we’ve done and helping others. All we do is show, share, and connect with our simple plan and products, and then teach that same philosophy to each and every person on our team wanting to build residual income. By following a simple plan and simple instructions, we now earn more in a month than either one of us earned in a year teaching. Our first year we earned $54,000, doubled that the next year and tripled the third. Our income now is over 3.5 million$ in 8 years.

J.R. and I have been rewarded with numerous cruises with the company, luxury Diamond trips and look forward to enjoying other exotic vacations a coach and teacher could never afford. We love what we do and wouldn’t trade the experiences this company has given us for the world. Every day we thank God for these products and this opportunity to build this wonderful business.

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