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Before Genesis PURE, I was traveling 25% to 30% of the year for my job.  Travel, and being away from my growing family, was getting old.

I was looking, literally.  I was not invited to see Genesis PURE.  I found Genesis PURE while evaluating business opportunities and decided that it was the best way for me to create income, compress time and bring my friends with me.

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We took action immediately – no samples, no meetings, no trying the product.  We invested at the highest Revenue Sharing level and immediately called four of our sharpest, closest friends.  They saw what we saw, and started their Genesis PURE business just as we did.

With the help of our sponsors, we really hit the ground running.  We helped 18 of our friends and family get their Genesis PURE business started which led to reaching Silver Director in 5 weeks, Ruby in 8 weeks and Diamond within our first 4 months.

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