Amy & Leonel Perez

Wichita, KS


PURE has been an incredible Blessing to us. On the health side, when we saw this over 3 years ago we knew this was an answer to a prayer. Leonel is a pilot who loves his job. When he turned 40, we had a wakeup call on his health. He even lost his FAA medical to fly. That was devastating since that is his livelihood! The medicine prescribed had provided many side effects, and we realized that we were paying to be sick instead of paying to be well. After getting on the products, in 2 months, he lost 25 pounds, he got off of 4 medicines, and he got his license back to fly again. Plus it has been consistent now for 3 years.

    I have been fortunate to have more energy, lower asthma and hypertensive medications, and provide better nutrition for my family. 

My children are benefiting from the products as well. Even My 12 year old son who has ADD is now off of all his medicines and flourishing.  

On the Business side, as a pharmaceutical rep. for 20 years and worry about continual Layoffs, this was originally going to be a Plan B to protect our family. By sharing, my plan B turned into plan A.  In 10 months, we hit the Diamond level, and I was able to resign from my 6 figure income to do PURE full time. Finally, a dream come true wanting always to be a stay at home Mom and still work a business from home. By 22 months, we were blessed to hit the Blue Diamond level with checks up to $5000 in one week. We also have won two cruises to the Bahamas that were incredible.

Before in my regular job, I would wake up and dread going to work.  No time freedom, stress, and living in fear for the next round of layoffs. Now when I wake up,   I think of one question : “Who can we help today?” This is an incredible opportunity. I see so many lives being changed for the better.  -That is exhilarating and inspiring!    Now, it is our mission to share this and help as many families as we can. Give them HOPE again, where Hope was lost.

With PURE – People are experiencing FREEDOM – Freedom from Health issues, Freedom from their Finances and Freedom to control their own destiny and now create a legacy for their family.