Les & Tisha Magness


Tish and I live in a small town on a lake in North-Central Arkansas. We were introduced to PURE™ by our good friends, John & Teresa Goetz. At the time, we were not interested in another business opportunity because of our busy schedules. We are both self-employed and divide our time between our five children, a restaurant, an environmental company, coaching, and our three kids at home playing multi competitive sports. .

My mother and stepfather were both diagnosed with cancer within a week of each other. Watching them suffer through operation after operation and several weeks of intense treatments made me think long and hard about Tisha’s and my situation and what we could do to ensure our own good health. We decided that we needed to take a serious look at this company and what it could do for our personal health along with helping our finances.   I called John & Teresa back and asked very plainly, “Please tell me everything about this company, and could we make some money by paying the message forward.” Of course, they did.  So we decided to purchase a 1500pv revenue pack to get all the products in our body and to launch our business.

We started building the business amongst friends and family immediately believing in the entire PURE package: the company, the products, and the opportunity. We learned that the ones closest to you are often the most skeptical.  Even the most hesitant individuals became believers after trying the products. Whether someone wants to be a product user looking to help with their health challenges, etc or an entrepreneur searching for a business opportunity, PURE has what they are looking for because there is something for everyone.  After just a short time, we began to see success! We achieved the rank of Pure Ruby and took our first cruise paid for by PURE. We had the most amazing time with first class accommodations.  We hit the Rank of Emerald in 2014 and stayed the course for the next two years.

Working with great folks every week in CA, WA, AR, KY, etc and in 2016 we hit the rank of Diamond.  This has allowed Les to work PURE full time now, giving us time freedom to enjoy our children and now grand children. We can confidently say that no one is “safe” from hearing our story and being invited to be a part of our PURE family. We are so excited about PURE and we look forward to growing our business without limits on where it can take us with abundant health and financial independence!