Mel & Mena Johnson


Our Story

We are Mel and Mena Johnson from Frisco, TX. Mel is a Program Manager in IT and I am a Licensed Insurance Adjuster. We are the proud parents of four children and one grandchild.

We both had been praying for better health and another stream of income so that we could pay off debt, achieve some of our financial goals and enjoy our lives. John and Teresa Goetz introduced us to PURE. We jumped right in and started on the products. The next day I lost my job and I thought; “Wow, this came along just in the nick of time”.

We continued on the products and began to see a difference in the way our bodies felt. Mel was no longer having flare ups with his allergies and was able to stop taking four allergy shots every week and we both felt more energized and focused. We began sharing PURE with our family and friends and in our first 30 days, we made $4,000.00 and became Gold Directors. At our first corporate event, we were featured as Rising Stars. PURE truly has something for everyone and we are so excited that we have found this amazing opportunity to share! We are PURE for life!