Michael & Suzanne Huffman


Our Story

When we were introduced to PURE by Fred & Kelly Johnson in December 2011, Michael had been a mortgage lender for over 20 years and Suzanne was a fulltime homemaker and volunteer leader at church.  When Michael met with Fred initially, he was mostly interested in the health side of PURE because we had decided to never be involved in network marketing again, but we got really excited because we saw how unique PURE really was and we knew the products were exactly what we needed to get back on track health-wise.  When we saw how simple the system was we got excited because we saw a way to dig out from a mountain of debt, establish a solid retirement income and have a lifestyle of freedom.

We started with a product pack, got on an autoship and just started sharing it with people. What’s happened has been amazing. We’re in our late 40’s and joint pain, allergies and digestive issues we had struggled with for years were alleviated within weeks. We’ve had great results from a weight loss standpoint and our energy level is back to where we were in our 20’s and 30’s. So health-wise it has been phenomenal.

When we launched our business following the simple system, our first year we earned almost $30,000 part time, second year the company sent us on an all expense paid trip to the Bahamas and our income went up to $86,000 part time.  In our third year, we earned $120,000, an amazing trip to Hawaii and Michael was able to walk away from that stress-filled 20 year career in the mortgage industry.  The most exciting part is we have barely even gotten started.  This company will be a $1 Billion dollar household name very soon and we are on track to be earning a multi-million dollar income!

The best advice we can offer is that if you find yourself knowing that there’s more to life than where you are right now. Don’t over-think it. The person that shared PURE with you has made the decision to go for it. Join them. Make the decision to take the first step, lock arms with the incredible leaders and run toward that greater life you deserve!