Patrick & Alexis Parnell


We are Patrick and Alexis Parnell and we live in Denver, Colorado and have four children and one grandchild.  Patrick is a Partner in an Information Technology Company and Alexis is a retired Nurse Practitioner with a Masters Degree in Nursing.  PURE is a blessing not only from the health perspective but also from the financial perspective.. When Alexis was first introduced to PURE, she didn’t even need to see the complete presentation…she was in!  She knew that our soil and food was nutritionally deficient.  She knew she had to get the PURE products into our family’s bodies to improve our health.  Since using the products, Alexis has lost twenty pounds and her digestive challenges have turned around.  Patrick, a recovering cancer survivor, lost 15 pounds and was able to reduce and eliminate several prescription medications.  Our youngest daughter has Down Syndrome and has experienced amazing results from the PURE products.

The ability to generate a substantial residual income with a minimal investment sets the business opportunity of PURE apart from any traditional way of earning income.  Patrick works 50-60 hours a week in a traditional business.  Alexis volunteered on the Board of Directors of a Colorado non profit and is the COO of running our home. The opportunity to build a ubiquitous business unconstrained by time or boundaries’, earning true residual income by assisting people to improve their health and achieve their dreams, is a daily blessing in our lives.  Our Dreams – we build every day as we build our business.  We are no longer constrained by the artificial limitations of what a wage provides us.   We determine what we earn, what we achieve, and the opportunities that life will provide us.  We accomplish this by reaching out to others to share this phenomenal opportunity of better health and independent wealth.  Consistently and continuously working to improve ourselves and never, ever giving up on our Dreams!  We have adopted the daily philosophy of Conceive, Believe and Achieve!