Scott & Kimberly


Our Story

The Wiemers’ are incredibly grateful to have been introduced to P.U.R.E. in September 2017. Scott as a Sales Manager for a Steel Company and Kimberly as an Occupational Therapy Assistant were feeling the pain on a couple levels. Financially, insurance reimbursement rates had brought inconsistency of hours in therapy and income to their family. From a health perspective, Kim was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue a few years back.

Shortly after being brought into P.U.R.E. by family (Jason & Whitney Johns), Kim quickly realized the unbelievable health benefits the products pose replacing the numerous prescriptions, all with crippling side effects. Being so blessed to have this business opportunity presented, earning a healthy monthly income, they are passionate about sharing with others.

Their mission is to positively impact lives around them from wellness, to finances, to the time freedom with family; as they are currently enjoying.
Thank you for allowing to be a part of an organization packed with amazing Christian Leaders, understanding all good things come from above!