Sonja Ikeler


My Story

I joined PURE in May of 2012 after a 23 year career in Traditional Corporate Sales and Marketing. When Jeff Burnett called and said he would be in Odessa, TX tomorrow and could we have lunch I said “YES”… No questions, just yes! I knew he was a successful wireless business owner and was excited about something new he had started! He did not know just 4 days prior to his call I had been laid off and faced with “What’s Next” where will my “next opportunity” be? I had been very successful in three major industries: Broadcast Sales, Wireless Technology and Oilfield Sales. I knew I had to move quickly and open doors to replace my six figure income!

I had meet and hired Jeff 13 years ago to run the Lubbock Sprint Retail Store and knew he was always someone I could go to, to start the “networking opportunity” for what openings – career opportunities where out there! I had even interviewed with him 3 years ago for a management position with his company Blazin Wireless, So there were no questions about taking the lunch meeting with him and Jared… Little did I know my life would forever be changed!!

Jared started with “here drink this energy and take 2 metabolic boos! The energy will wake your brain up and the boost will kick start your metabolism”. He then dove right into the presentation of “Show-Share-Connect”! I believe he had me at the first page. PURE, I was at a place in my life that I needed a new beginning and I was willing to listen, experience the product and work this simple business model!

The following day I was on a plane heading to Salt Lake City, UT. I had dinner with Brooks Gordon and Jared Burnett, the next morning took a tour of the corporate office and meet the entire staff. The following Monday Jared, Jeff and me had an action plan meeting and went to work! The support I got from all my up line; Jeff, Jared, JR and Vickie Burnett was amazing and I was able to start presenting on my own after 2 weeks. My business grew rapidly.

The week after attending my first National Convention “Amplify” August 3, 2012, I hit Ruby Rank. Shortly after, I hit all qualifications for the “Ruby Cruise” – January 2013. With dedication, hard work, following the System of Show – Share – Connect, a great team and OUTSTANDING LEADERSHIP I attained Diamond Rank in October 2012! PURE is an amazing Company.

My daughters and I are truly blessed. PURE was an answer to prayer. This Business opportunity has allowed me to utilize my passion for health and wellness due to my personal weight and health issues; as well as my drive and dedication for developing people and the opportunity to build Financial Freedom! Living the “DREAM” and growing BIG BUSINESS one family at a time!