Shawn Springsteen


My Story

My wife Holly and I live in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Holly is a Licensed Practical Nurse for a skin cancer and dermatology clinic and I am a program/project manager who coaches wrestling on the side. With two grown children, we feel like the typical middle-aged couple living in the Rocky Mountain Region. In the spring of 2014, rival wrestling coach Billy Gabel introduced me to PURE. Billy’s timing could not have been better as I was overworked at my fast paced corporate job and in the midst of two surgeries in a six-week period; I was ready for a change.

I ordered a 1500 pack to get the biggest savings and to flood my body with “good stuff”. Within three months, I had dropped nearly 35 pounds and seven inches from my waste, while getting off of 3 Rx medications. I felt better than I had felt my entire corporate career (10+ years). But that’s not the craziest part of my story; I quickly realized there was an amazing business opportunity to build a long-term residual income with PURE. Their manufacturer to consumer model was genius, and took all the concerns of traditional businesses (i.e. overhead, sales, and accounts receivable) out of the equation. With the convergence of online shopping (I was thinking Amazon), the rapid increase in health care costs, and the growing demand for healthy alternatives, PURE presented a once in a lifetime opportunity. It was at this time that I understood the true gift that I had my hands on and I began sharing the PURE message with anyone willing to listen.

My first weekly check was $426.31, and within nine months I had achieved Diamond Executive, helping several dozen team members earn a nice part time income. Even better, a lot of people were getting healthy! My largest check to date has been $2,245.88 with PURE paying me thousands of dollars and sending me on an all expenses paid trip to the Bahamas for simply helping people get a membership to order products. But that isn’t what I am most excited and inspired about. Yes, the money has been very nice, but there are two things that I hold in even higher regard, vision and character. I believe the true essence of any great company lies in these two attributes. The character of PURE’s Board of Directors is evident in the action they take daily to serve the interests of their customers, their community, and their affiliates. And with PURE’s collective vision of Big Bang 2020 wrapped in character and commitment, PURE is truly a transformational opportunity for a healthier and wealthier life of impact and service. Begin your PURE Transformation Now