Stephen & Alyson Reves


Our Story

I am a speech-language pathologist and my husband is a high school football coach in north Texas. The summer of 2017 was tough. My salary plummeted when the pediatric home health therapy setting took a nose dive with funding. We found ourselves going from living a comfortable life to having no savings, not knowing how to pay each bill, choosing which bill to pay and cutting coupons for groceries. We needed $$$. I signed up to drive for Uber. I painted my mom’s house. I sold my clothes and jewelry, furniture and got 3 new contract jobs. I drove sometimes an hour and a half one way to get a contract home health patient for a little bit more money. The market was suddenly saturated with therapists needing jobs and no jobs available. We had garage sales at the beginning of each month hoping pay days would entice buyers to come pay for our junk so we could have cash for groceries. 

September 1st, we closed our pediatric therapy clinic I co-owned with my friend Lesa Hough (who is a Bronze Director). I was depressed and mad at insurance companies for my circumstances. I knew I had to change my circumstances and not allow my circumstances to change me.  I prayed daily for another job or for the government to have mercy on therapists in Texas.

Sept 4th, I heard about PURE from Whitney Johns. Sept 5th I jumped in and didn’t bat an eye, but also didn’t tell my husband (I don’t suggest that). I called friends, family, watched zooms, listened to my leaders, dove in and learned!!! So far, we have made, with bonuses and once checks arrive,  I believe over $13,000 in 4 weeks and advanced to Ruby this past Monday. We have already paid off credit cards and are on the way to living debt free. I work for 4 companies doing pediatric and adult speech therapy as well as operate another company I own, Lonestar Speech Therapy, PLLC. It gets busy and at times intense. But, I am confident that if I can work for as many companies as I do, in the middle of football season, have two busy boys and be successful with PURE, anyone can. Get a calendar!!!

In every situation there is something to learn. When we were strapped, I didn’t understand why God had us in that season. Now I think we were being prepared for something bigger we couldn’t fathom. We were being humbled to know how others feel living paycheck to paycheck. 

Excuses breed excuse. Success breeds success. If your WHY isn’t bigger than your excuses, get a bigger WHY!!!  This team is amazing and we have been blessed. I pray I can bless my team as they have blessed us!