Trace & Andrea Bailey


Our Story

Andrea and I were introduced to PURE by Jeff & Belinda Burnett and began solely using the products. We immediately saw and felt the benefits from using the products, having more energy, feeling healthier, and lost a substantial amount of weight.

Weight loss results may vary based on individual users. PURE products are designed to be used in conjunction with a sensible diet and regular exercise. Persons interested in using PURE products or programs to maintain healthy weight should consult with their health care provider prior to beginning any new nutritional and exercise program.

In October of 2012, Andrea and I decided to slow down the pace of life and evaluate what we truly desired and was most important for our family and future. During the next two months, we prayed about several different business opportunities but never had complete peace. January 1, 2013, while visiting with Jeff Burnett, we shared that we believed in the PURE products but did not have interest in pursuing the business. The following week, J.R. Burnett came to Oklahoma City to present the PURE business and we decided to invite someone who then joined our team that week. From that moment on, we caught the vision, and recognized that PURE was the path that God was leading us to. We connected with top leadership within the company, Jeff Burnett and Jared Burnett, and sought their guidance and direction to roadmap our plan for success. Then immediately we took massive, focused, intentional action, and began duplicating their example.

We began the first week of January 2013 as a Star 300 and as of, March 11, 2013, we are a Blue Diamond! The huge reason for our success has been the amazing leaders developing within our team. Over these past 10 weeks, we personally have helped develop a Ruby Executive and several Platinum, Gold and Silver Directors within our team. It is our mission and desire to help as many people live healthier, better lives and be blessed financially as well. We will continue to strive to build a strong foundation for our team and their futures.