Tim & Cheryl Falkner

Chairman – Dallas, TX

Our Story

We were the family that did not have a Plan B after we closed our Mortgage Offices in 2008. We were looking for an opportunity like this! After learning more about the company and the products, we knew that we had found something special.

When you have a product that works, there is an income that can be made. After we made the commitment to PURE, we created a list and we began to: Show the plan, Share the product and Connect to a leader. This is not a business you have to build alone. By Helping Others; Income is Earned.

PURE also offers TIME Freedom; Time to be the parents that we have always dreamed of being. We are available for them, and are no longer tied to a career that plans our schedules. We are excited for the future as we are able to help more people share this opportunity with those that they love and care about. We are now in a better position to bless those around us. There are families like ours; praying for an opportunity like this!

PURE offers such a great opportunity for all of us because of the powerful combination of the products that work and the generous compensation plan. This is such a great company to be a part of. It has an opportunity that can change a family’s life, and these products are changing lives every day! Our family is forever changed and living PURE! God bless you all!