Troy & Denay Hounshell


Our Story

Troy & Denay Hounshell seemed to have life by the tail. On the outside, they were a successful, upwardly mobile couple with a nice house, nice cars, and seemingly no limits. They had found traditional “success” in the health care industry: Troy was a partner in an outpatient physical therapy clinic and Denay owned a home health company. On the inside, however, stress was mounting. Troy was gone most of the day and Denay stayed up most of the night trying to catch up on all of the work she couldn’t get done while raising their two young children. School loans, car payments, business debt, day to day life, and the mortgage left little extra money at the end of each month.

When a friend of Denay, Vickie Burnett, asked them to take a look at a PURE, they were initially hesitant. Life seemed just too busy to add something to their plate. However, knowing that massive changes in the healthcare industry were coming as well as a strong desire to improve their health, they evaluated and joined the company on March 11, 2009.

Although their initial goal was to ease the financial stresses each month, they quickly saw a bigger vision of what this industry could do. They saw a way that they could build a very strong supplemental income without giving up their physical therapy business. By the end of their first year, Denay was able to quit seeing patients and was able to spend most of her time at home. They doubled the size of their business the next year and have since doubled it again. They now make twice as much in their part time, PURE business as they do their traditional business!

While they have only personally recruited 65 people in 5 years, they now have over 6,000 active distributors on their team. Their organization does more than $250,000 per month in sales and is growing every month! While a strong 6-figure income and financial security for their family are important, what really motivates them is helping their team succeed. At present, they have either directly or indirectly helped 4 of their distributors reach the 6-figure income rank! With hundreds of distributors already making thousands of dollars per year, that number is sure to grow! Troy and Denay have developed into a shining example of what can be done on a part-time basis with hard work, persistence, and the right opportunity. You can too!