Tom & Jen Satterly


Our Story

Occupation: Retired Command Sgt. Major Special Operations / VP Business Development/ Certified Health Coach

Tom and Jen were introduced to PURE by Alexis and Patrick Parnell in May 2017. As a Certified Health Coach Jen understood the importance of bridging the nutritional gap with pure plant based supplements for their family, especially her husband who was suffering with many health issues due to his 25 year combat career. Tom and Jen bought the 1500 pack and within a few days of flooding their bodies Tom was feeling better than he had in many years, he was no longer suffering from joint pain, had increased energy, and lost 25 pounds in a month. Jen also experienced pain relief from arthritis and endometriosis, and lost 9 pounds in her first month. Excited by the results they saw they quickly started reaching out to Tom’s military family and in their first 30 days they signed up 31 people, 28 of them veterans. They are on a mission to bring PURE to as many veterans as possible, and others looking for whole health and a better quality of life. They earned $4,500, a cruise to the Bahamas, an iWatch, and 280 Pre-IPO Shares in their first month.