Tommy Evans


Nixa, MO

My Story

When I first took a look at PURE my life had been turned upside down. I was a single dad just trying to keep my head above water and drowning in disgust at where I was at in life. I saw hope for the first time in many years, prayers were answered by this Gift.

I was on thyroid, stomach, pain, and anti-inflammatory medications. I looked and felt like a 70 year old man. Practically everything I ate made me sick and my body was beat up. My son had always suffered from asthma and allergies, taking daily medications. We have both been medication free for 5 years now and feel amazing. I have reversed the clock of time through the power of super nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

Our finances have been changed forever by building a residual income that will even pay my sons during their lifetime. That is so hard to imagine and I love building a legacy for my boys. My largest weekly check was $4,900.

I feel that there is no better opportunity in the world. When I share the message with others, I know they see the opportunity for Better Health, Better Finances, or both. Then, I have the power to go help them change their lives and their families’ life. There are no words to describe that feeling it gives you except… Priceless.

PURE is truly Life Changing … It is never too late to change by grabbing hold of this Awesome Opportunity.